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NORTHern 100 Support and Prayer Team


Partner with us  for our NEW  TERM

1 March 2023 to 28 Feb 2025

Would You be Our Partner


We have been asked to continue as Sponsored missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene for another two years spanning 1 March 2023 to 28 February 2025. We are asking our present financial supporters personally to recommit for another two years.

We will be connecting with each partner from the last two years to ask if you would be part of the team for the next two years. Again, we are looking for 100 people to support us for $1,300 over the course of the next two years. Some give monthly $55, some give annually $650 and others give $1,300 a one time gift.


Pray about being one of the NORTHern 100 and partner with us the next two years.

NEW? Would YOU also be Part of the Team?

If you have questions or want to let us know that you are in 

please Email us at RNorth@ANU.AC.KE


Hit the GIVE NOW button below or send a check to:

Make checks out to and send to:

Global Treasury Services
PO Box 843116
Kansas City, MO 64184-3116

Indicate that check is for: Rob and Cindy North - Deputation

Thank You for Helping Us Serve at ANU.

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